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New this year is THE P'THY TATTOO SHOW, a nod to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

At around 8pm, a colourful light and sound show will bring together all the players involved in the 2023 edition, orchestrated by the Alba Pipe Band Belgium, the Drums of the English Royal Guard from Jumet and the Harmonie Royale l'Union de Fraire.


At around 9.30pm, the Massed Pipes & Drums, the round of honour of the Pipe Bands present: the Alba Pipe Band Belgium, the Pipe Band of the BW Guard from Fraire, the Clan Hay Pipe Band, the Clannan Ruah Pipe Band, the Piping Orchestra and Piper's Phil.


meadow next to the castle

Alba Pipe Band Belgium

Tambours de la Garde Royale anglaise de Jumet

Harmonie Royale l'Union de Fraire

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