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the Red Warriors

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This medieval-inspired clan was created in 2008, bringing together a number of families including the Mesnie du chas brodé, a group of ladies. In addition to the master of arms, the clan has a master blacksmith, a master gunner, archers and cooks. Children are also part of the clan.

The programme includes an introduction to knife and axe throwing, archery and crossbow shooting on targets; leatherwork and weapon-making on period forges, weaving looms, embroidery and tapestry; tug-of-war, log throwing and games of skill.


Friends of the Dragon Forge

Founded in 2020 by a group of foundry and Scottish enthusiasts. Their speciality: forging in kilt or tartan according to Celtic traditions.
They have a forge barnum and a large medieval tent (workshop, armoury, cutlery and medieval utensils). Demonstrations and explanations of forging, exhibition and sale of forged pieces and cutlery.

meadow next to the castle

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