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    At the age of ten, Alan Stivell played the Telenn Gentañ in Vannes cathedral, the first Celtic harp in modern-day Brittany.  

    Seventy years on, he's back on the road again, visiting the churches and cathedrals of Brittany and Europe to present a unique project: a concert revisiting his work in an intimate format, "Cœur et Âme - KAlon hag Ene" (Heart and Soul - KAlon hag Ene).    

   The concert will feature seminal songs and rare pieces in a format specifically adapted to this return to his roots: his vocals and his latest harp, designed by the artist himself, offering crystal-clear purity as much as the possibilities of electronics, accompanied by Tangi Miossec, an outstanding keyboard player.

   Join Alan Stivell with "Cœur & Âme, KAlon hag Ene" at the Walcourt Basilica on Friday 6 September 2024 at 8.30pm. 


Three ticket offices 

Ticketmaster link available soon

Belgian Celtic Events 4 place du Vieux Château 5651 Thy-le-Château 0496/109.679

Centre Culturel de Walcourt 3 rue de la Montagne 5650 Walcourt 071/614.686 

Tri martolod (Three sailors in English) is a traditional Breton song made famous by Alan Stivell's interpretation, arrangement and recordings.

He performed the song at the Olympia on 28 February 1972 in a concert broadcast live on Europe 1. Today, he sings it at all his concerts, in versions that often change with the tours.

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