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Edition 2024

CELTIC DAYS   Celtic seen from the sky
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To have fun, to be amazed,

to return to the roots,

to travel in space and time.

On 31 August and 1 September 2024, you're invited to an exceptionally beautiful site, a village in the Entre-Sambre et Meuse region.

The Celtic culture, unique and multiple at the same time, spreads from Scotland to Brittany, recognisable by the atmosphere of the Piper Bands and Bagadoù, their bagpipes and binioùs.

Celtic Days offers you the chance to discover the customs, songs, dances, music, gastronomy and exceptional beverages of Brittany, Scotland, Ireland and Asturias. The guest of honour for 2024 is Brittany.



In 2022, during our first edition, we received between 5000 and 6000 visitors. The 2023 edition, whose guest of honour is the Principality of Asturias, a region in the north-west of Spain, will be even more attractive than the first.

From 11.00 am until the end of the day, there will be parades and entertainment by five Pipe Bands, five harp concerts, ten Celtic concerts and six groups of initiations and shows of Asturian, Breton, Scottish and Irish tap dances in two large marquees. Get to know the customs, gastronomy and exceptional beverages of each of the regions present.


Discover the clandestine weddings or ceremonies of Gretna Green, Scottish camp life, the Whiskies Master Class or an introduction to exceptional whiskies, initiation to wearing a kilt, country dancing, bagpipes and the history of the Gaelic language, the pony parade, the Breton creperie, the craft fair with around fifty exhibitors and, for the younger ones, bouncy castles, open-air games and the show Merlin and the treasure chest of tricks.

At 8pm, not far from the feudal castle, there will be a sound and light show, the P'Thy Tattoo Show (a nod to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo) and at 9.30pm, the Massed Pipes and Drums, the final rondeau d'honneur. Identical programme on both days.